Okay, I just entered my 52nd year (birthday 51 was yesterday). Time to get something done.

I’ve started thinking about, and writing, a new Douglas Abledan short story.  As of yet it is untitled, but I know it will take place in the rehab hospital shortly after Douglas is shot and blinded.  Now, rather than just being a patient, he has to learn about his new, dark world and how to live in it.

So, anyone with any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.

What kind of paces should I put Douglas through?

Is it too soon to give him a mystery to solve?


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  1. I don’t think it’s ever too early for a mystery.

    This is obviously your chance to show that Douglas can and will shine. Perhaps, he can come to the defense of his fellow patients in the face of an “angel of mercy.”

    Or an abused patient. Or he could help a family member of one of the patients or former patients.

    Karen Syed

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