Sometimes it’s good to wear your emotions on your sleeve.  Sometimes it helps other people to see how you feel. That idea was reinforced for me today.  I learned that someone was compiling a series of articles about fathers and sons into an anthology.  I thought about it for a while and then decided to offer a contribution.

You see, some years ago, when my father passed away, I wrote a short article about his battle with cancer and disability. I wrote about the fact that he and I had something in common, my struggle with my own disabilities and now his.  I decided this article might help others to deal with not only death but also disability.  I wanted readers to see that sometimes these things can bring people closer together, to bridge a gap of understanding they may not have been able to understand before. So, I submitted this article and shortly thereafter learned that it had been accepted and will be a part of this anthology.

I see it as a dedication to my father.


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