Surviving Sandy

I sat here, a day after Hurricane Sandy hit, wondering about my blind detective. We’ve had a generator powering our refrigerators and a lamp. But, when night fell, I knew I’d be plunged into darkness, like my character, Douglas Abledan. I’d heard that darkness would last about a week, a condition 90% of Long Island, NY faced.

Last night, as my mother and I struggled to play Scrabble by candle and flashlight, I thought about Douglas and how he learned to find his way in the dark after being blinded by a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting. I thought about a TV show I’ve been following, about a planet-wide blackout. Finally, I thought about pre-electricity times. People learn to adapt, I realized. Surely a week without power is inconvenient, but not so much so as blindness. I guess I write stories about Douglas Abledan because I am in awe of his, and other’s ability to adapt.


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